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A. C. Generators

Crompton Greaves AC Generators are state of the are, self-excited, selfregulated and dependable source of power. A modern intergrated manchines, ISO 9001 certified by BVQI UK, with structured TQM and 6 SIGMA implementation and Sap/R3 enabled, also houses dedicated plant for AC Generators deploying superior techniques and processes in each specialized field of design, material specifications and procurement, CNC machining, assembly, testing & packing with stringent quality standards
predominating throughout.

These generators incorporate advanced European Technology and are designed for optimum Performance using high-end software solutions. with well- qualified engineers and technocrats, backed by a strong R & D Team, Crompton Greaves have fully harnesses long experience in design and
software to offer a range of innovative,reliable and efficient AC Generators.

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Rated Voltage 415 V-3PH & 230 V - 1 PH 380,400-3Ph & 220 V-1 Ph (Only for 160 & 200 Frame ratings i.e. 15-100 KVA) (For other ratings in consultation with Works)
Terminals 6 Leads 12 lead reconnectable only for 160 & 200 Frame Brushless
alternators i.e. 15 to 100 KVA.
Voltage Regulation + 1% (Brushless)
+ 5 % (Slipring)
Speed 1500 RPM 1800 RPM in consultation with Works
Direction of rotation CW from drive end Nil
Phase Sequence UVW NIl
Overspeed 1.2 times normal speed for 2 min. Nil
Insulation Class Class H with Class H Temperature rise For Temperature rise restrictions to other class of insulation, refer to works
Type of Mounting B3 & B2 For availability of different SAE Housings & Coupling Disc refer table below.
Degree of Protection IP23 Nil
Duty Rating Continuous (S1) Nil
Short circuit with stabd capabllity 3 times FLC for 3 Sec Nil
10 % Overload Provision 1 Hour in 6 Hours Nil
Parallel Operation Provision >160 KVA <160KVA
Harmonice Distortion
Factor at NL L-L
<3 % Nil
Max Ubbalanced Load Max 25% Nil
TVD (AT FL 0.8 PF) 15-20% Please refer for better TVD
TVD (AT FL 0.8 PF) 18-20% Please refer for better TVR
Ease of maintenance with integrated components and outboard Exciter / Rotating Rectifier.
A reliable long life with superior class 'H' insulation.
Higher motor starting capability.
Compact, light and sturdy die cast aluminum stator for frames upto 250, offer superior finish.
Specially designed compact slipring and brush assembly.
High thyristor load withstand capability for Cell- Phone and telecom applications.
Short circuit withstand capability.
Wide range of coupling discs adaptor for single bearing construction of Engine makers.
Telecom, Cell- Phone Towers
Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial & Residential Complexes, Petrol pumps.
Construction sites, Stone Crushers & hot Mixing plants.
Trailer mounted mobile sets for rental Markets.
RANGE Brushless AC Generators
5 KVA to 625 KVA, in 3 phase, 415 V, 50 Hz, 0.8 pf (lag) Single or double bearing.
5 KVA to 30 KVA in single phase, 230 V, 50 Hz, 0.8 pf (lag) Single or double bearing.
5 KVA to 82.5 KVA, in 3 phase, 415 V, 50 Hz, 0.8 pf (lag) Single or double bearing.
5 KVA to 15 KVA, in single phase, 230 V, 50 Hz, 0.8 pf (lag) Single or double bearing.
2 Pole Alternators (both Slipring and Brushless) are available on request.
PREMIUM INTELLI POWER. reserves the right to use other standards if considered necessary to improve the manufacture or their products.

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